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Life's Reset Button

I haven't posted on this blog in about a year. What's happened in the meantime? Well, the answer fluctuates between not much and a hell of a lot. I don't have any crazy stories to tell of traveling the world or any significant accomplishments. But, in all honesty, I am alive and that's the most heroic thing I've accomplished. I learned that life isn't anything how I expected it to be and that it is up to me to shape my own fate. After teaching at LaGuardia Community College and spending lots of time at Bartow-Pell, I have learned that my true passion is teaching. I want to be an educator. However, I don't want to be just an educator, I want to shape people into community activists. I want them to understand the past, explore the present, and transform their futures. I want them to understand the environment around them. You learn a lot living across from a landfill, too.

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