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Learning how to code!

With graduation one week away, I'm a little scared but also optimistic, as this allows me time to explore and experiment with different ideas. I just completed a course in Programming for GIS, where I learned how to code using Python! How exciting!

Naturally, I used this to solve a problem in my community. Tired of seeing overcrowded Bx12 buses, I thought, "What if people knew how fast they could walk to Bay Plaza from the train station?" I decided to build a tool that would allow users to input their walking speed, therefore calculating how long it would take them to walk. Completing a network analysis in Python was hard work, but I eventually got it to work! I am still working on it as currently the code only calcualtes walking distance from Gun Hill Road on the 5 train, but it works and I am quite proud of it!


Data cleanup


Constructing the network analysis and creating the calculator

Since I'm done with school, I think I'm going to take the time and practice coding. One of my secret goals is to learn how to develop Android apps. I hope I can incorporate this code into the app and create a walking calculator that people will use. Maybe that can reduce traffic. :)

#code #python #pythoncode #bronx #thebronx #programming #tech #gis #geospatial

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